Episode 48 — Documenting and Defining: Determine Your Story with Rikkí Wright

Through her words, her work, and her presence, Rikkí Wright is creating a legacy that will live on forever. As a modern-day storyteller, Rikkí demonstrates the beauty, the power, the vulnerability, and the stories of Black women through the unique perspective of her lens. If you haven’t seen her work yet, do yourself a favor and get familiar. In conversation with Black Girl In Om Founder Lauren Ash and Art Director Deun Ivory, Rikkí takes us on the path that created the incredible human being she is today. She feels affirmed by the deep bonds of sisterhood. She chooses to do the same for us through her creative processes. She has experienced deep, profound loss. She is constantly creating, moving, and living with intention. There is no set definition for this creative genius, but through sharing with us today, Rikkí Wright is a powerful reminder that we are always at the helm of the story of our lives. Are you ready to settle into that yourself? Get into this conversation full to the brim with inspiring affirmations, passionate proclamations, vulnerable confirmations, and so much more.

Dive in deeper with Rikkí on her website and catch more of her visually striking work on her Instagram.


  • The significance Rikkí has held in Deun’s journey thus far

  • What led Rikkí to her current journey, the loss that brought her there, and the action she took in her adolescence to rewrite her story

  • A woman that serves as forever inspiration for us all

  • A project Rikkí is focused on that’s connected to her lineage and life

  • One practice you can implement today to actively love on yourself — a podcast guest from this season shared her spin on it on Om, too

  • Collective gratitude + appreciation for Oroma Elewa and her beautiful words

  • Beautiful words to reflect on the unique bond between photographer and subject

  • The recent milestone that elevated Rikkí’s vision for her work to new heights

  • The inspiration behind Rikkí’s visual aesthetic choices

  • Several things these manifestation queens are speaking over their lives — dive into this topic more with this season’s premiere episode

  • Inspiring ways to honor those who came before us

  • Artists that inspire Rikkí’s creative journey, including autobiographical works that have acted as a constant companion in her life

  • One final word of wisdom to guide you on your own journey

There is no shame in needing to be affirmed by your community, especially when you’re doing work that is empowering and helping Black women see themselves through art. — @deunivory click to tweet

See yourself beautiful. See yourself winning. See yourself thriving. — @ForeverRikk click to tweet

We try to do everything in our power to make sure that other people don’t experience loss or a void. That’s why we’re so committed to what we’re doing. — @deunivory click to tweet

I don’t want anybody to feel that loss so I’m gonna take that position to ensure that Black women are seen, Black families are seen... I think of myself as a folklorist. — @ForeverRikk click to tweet

The entire process of self-portraiture is part of the way that I care for myself. — @ForeverRikk click to tweet

I want to help people be more vulnerable. — @ForeverRikk click to tweet

I have really been able to see what I’ve gained from it. It was an energetic shift that really transferred so much into my life, my work, my everything. — @HelloLaurenAsh, on loss click to tweet

I understand the sadness and I understand that you have to celebrate within the sadness, too. — @ForeverRikk click to tweet

I now have parental spiritual guidance and it’s such a blessing within the loss. — @ForeverRikk click to tweet

Ancestral connection is so empowering, especially as Black people, and leaning into it allows us to be afforded with so much strength and capacity and further inspiration. — @HelloLaurenAsh click to tweet

That intuition, that inner voice, that feeling that you feel: listen to it and push. Start before you think it’s ready. Just go. Do it. — @ForeverRikk click to tweet

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