Episode 45 — Claim Your Divine Reality with Millana Snow

The life you desire is already yours, but do you trust that you can create it? With encouragement from the one and only Millana Snow, we’re confident your perspective will be changed forever. As an energy healer and ever-evolving spirit, Millana is fully focused on helping us heal through expanded consciousness in our everyday lives. Most recently, she founded Wellness Official, an online marketplace of practitioners & brands focused on democratizing wellness for all. In this episode, Millana breaks down energy healing, the law of attraction, tangible practices, and so much more to help us forge the path to claiming and creating a truly divine reality. Black Girl In Om Founder, Lauren Ash, Art Director, Deun Ivory, and members of the Wellspring audience received this healing, affirming conversation in person and we’re so thrilled to bring it to you today. Feel empowered to make the reality you seek as tangible as your wildest dreams. You deserve it, love.

Catch more from Millana on her Instagram, join her for regular energy healing moments with The Monthly Integration Membership, and follow Wellness Official to be part of the platform that makes wellness accessible for everyone.

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  • How Millana and Lauren initially came together — major thanks to our forever fave, Janice Bond!

  • Millana’s unique, beautiful, twenty-year path to the work she’s doing today

  • The basics behind the law of attraction and how it’s shown up in Millana’s life

  • A trifecta of practices that can support your journey to trusting in self — one which ties directly to the other conversation we shared at Wanderlust Wellspring with Rev. angel Kyodo williams

  • The important role genuine, supportive friendship plays in the journey to your higher self

  • Thoughts on unplugging, intentional boundaries, and mindful prioritizing of presence

  • Easeful practices you can use as daily meditations outside of what’s often present in “pop culture wellness”

  • What drew Millana to becoming a practitioner and how it completely changed her life

  • A quick overview of reiki + energy healing — dive into this conversation from Season 3 for another incredible perspective from our love, Liana Naima

  • A major lesson Millana received through her personal spiritual practice and the healer that consistently inspires her work

  • Some more incredible questions from y’all — submit any additional ones you have to us and we may answer it on an upcoming episode

I’m a woman who’s becoming and who’s consciously, actively engaged in that process. — @MillanaSnow click to tweet

Conscious creation and manifestation is part of my everyday practice through what is known as the law of attraction. — @MillanaSnow click to tweet

What have I continued to repeat over and over and over again that is now very evident in the space and environment around me? — @MillanaSnow click to tweet

This is still stuff that I have to practice. Every day. No matter how crazy this stuff has worked for me. Because I’m human and we all are and that’s what makes us all so beautiful. — @MillanaSnow click to tweet

If you know that you’re the winner, you don’t need to compete. — @MillanaSnow click to tweet

Really sitting in gratitude for everything as it is and as it’s becoming is so, so powerful. — @MillanaSnow click to tweet

Holding yourself accountable in relationships and not blaming other people or faulting other people is a working practice. — @deunivory click to tweet

Deciding to cultivate mindful presence without the meditation practice is honoring your energy rather than being dogmatic about it. — @HelloLaurenAsh click to tweet

If I feel confused, let me sit with that and see how I can move through that because I know that’s a vibration that’s not necessary. Because at the end of the day, I know that the answers are always available to me. — @MillanaSnow click to tweet

Knowing is a feeling, knowing is a vibrational experience. When you know, you can feel it in your body. — @MillanaSnow click to tweet

Do you want to believe that thought? Do you want that thought to be real? Because you can resonate in that thought until you believe it and then know it. — @MillanaSnow click to tweet

Whenever I have a Plan B, my Plan A never comes into fruition. You have to have faith. — @deunivory click to tweet

The vision that you have is Divine. That’s the only option. — @HelloLaurenAsh click to tweet

Be completely open to the many different ways that things can be expressed. — @MillanaSnow click to tweet

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