Episode 44 — Loving, Living, Learning: A Liberated Life Talk with Rev. angel Kyodo williams

This conversation goes DEEP, y’all. We know this episode is going to touch so many of you with the affirmations, advice, and real talk provided by the absolutely incomparable Rev. angel Kyodo williams. She is a teacher formally trained in the Zen tradition, a person deeply aware of who she is, and an honest reflection of what liberated living really looks like. We are so honored to open the door to their incredible teachings and work to you all. Join in for this conversation, shared with Black Girl In Om Founder, Lauren Ash, Art Director, Deun Ivory, and the members of the Wellspring audience. Nearly everyone present for this conversation left feeling ready to really embrace liberation in their lives. As you do the same in yours, we know these words from Rev. angel Kyodo williams will serve as a reminder to always do so with love.

Catch more from angel on their website, their latest book, Radical Dharma: Talking Race Love and Liberation, and consider investing in liberation with a donation here today.

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  • How Rev. angel defines who she is, what she’s rooted in, and what led to their current path

  • The concept of expanding consciousness beyond your background

  • How to go beyond the baseline in creating change

  • The ways our past can manifest in our present if we’re not self-aware

  • Rooting in love without forcing yourself into something you’re not

  • All there is to unearth from being uncomfortable

  • Reasons to appreciate the women before us and those who will come following us

  • The beauty of always evolving into who you are and always have been

  • The difference between generative and destructive wellness practices

  • Moving beyond guilt for being in a state of higher consciousness

  • What it means to accept people from a place of wholeness

  • The concept of trust and a way to reframe the narrative to better serve you

  • Ways to expand into a new state of being

  • The freedom that comes outside the borders of this country

  • Why a sense of being and a sense of belonging differ greatly

  • Rev. angel’s advice for you to find clarity on your path to liberation

  • Some of the live questions shared by y’all!

I don’t accept no for an answer, even with myself. — @ZenChangeAngel click to tweet

The path that I’m on is really about being able to hold the complexity of both the suffering and the love and keep those two together and not try to give up either one of them. — @ZenChangeAngel click to tweet

Living inside my own head made my mind my companion. — @ZenChangeAngel click to tweet

Our community is all about change on a personal level as well as on a collective level. — @HelloLaurenAsh click to tweet

Go where it’s uncomfortable. — @ZenChangeAngel click to tweet

I have come to understand that the places that we hide, that we leave parts of ourselves behind: those are the places that carry with us. — @ZenChangeAngel click to tweet

We are an incredibly, brilliant, genius, resilient people. — @ZenChangeAngel click to tweet

I have become who I always was. — @ZenChangeAngel click to tweet

We are entitled to our wholeness. — @ZenChangeAngel click to tweet

This country meant for us to be small and the most radical thing we can do is choose to be our whole selves. — @ZenChangeAngel click to tweet

We are incredibly forgiving people and we have to turn that forgiveness onto ourselves. — @ZenChangeAngel click to tweet

I strongly encourage every Black body to leave this place. — @ZenChangeAngel click to tweet

Representation, accessibility, and the way we communicate with each other because of our cultural understandings and connections — that’s everything. — @HelloLaurenAsh click to tweet

My clarity that I am entitled to liberation has been the thing that’s always gotten me through. — @ZenChangeAngel click to tweet

Meditate on your suffering. — @ZenChangeAngel click to tweet

Put your liberation before everything else. — @ZenChangeAngel click to tweet

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