Episode 43 — Authenticity Above All: Creating Sustainable Community with Abena Boamah

In a word, this conversation feels like home. Join Black Girl In Om Founder, Lauren Ash and Art Director, Deun Ivory for this enriching, moving, cackle-filled chat with their very best *clears throat and sings* giiiiiiirlfriend, Abena Boamah. The mastermind founder of Hanahana Beauty has been a truly beautiful reminder for our community to stay smooth and confident since the early days of BGIO. While you listen, you’ll hear moments of remembering, laughter, and genuine love as a reminder of what supportive, enriching, and true community looks like in practice. As is clear from all the ways we’ve recognized Abena over the years, we absolutely adore her. After listening to this conversation on creative entrepreneurship, forging authentic relationships, managing anxiety, and truly living one’s best life, we know you will too.

Catch more from Abena on her Instagram and upgrade your shea stauts by purchasing from hanahanabeauty and following their journey on Instagram.


  • How Abena identifies herself as a person and how she defines the Hanahana Beauty mission

  • The inspiration behind Hanahana Beauty: where it all started (plus: the beautiful way her family was part of the process)

  • The major part community and friendship can play into expansion and growth in both personal and business development (shout out to Black Girl Magic!)

  • Real, honest, and thoughtful communication and how it can completely change your friendship

  • Abena’s deep desire to shift the way we see beauty and how she’s making it a reality — this totally ties back to our incredible conversations with beauty bae, Siraad Dirshe

  • The next step Abena is taking to create truly sustainable processes for Hanahana Beauty and in her personal entrepreneurship journey

  • Why it’s crucial to be intentional and clear about how you learn and share knowledge

  • A TED Talk that speaks to Abena’s intentional curation choices and a musical experience that seriously inspired Deun’s subsequent work

  • Managing (and thriving) with anxiety — shout out to therapy and practices rooted in self-awareness

  • Processes for setting yourself up for greatness through intuition, intentions, manifestation, and gratitude — revisit this season’s opener for more on this topic

  • An individual and collective manifestation, courtesy of the shea butter queen herself

We’re all sincerely invested in each other. — @HelloLaurenAsh click to tweet

I need to be aware of always speaking with love. — @HelloLaurenAsh click to tweet

I trust them with me. I can be myself.— @beanieboamah click to tweet

Our friendship has been such an integral part of my growth and my journey. — @deunivory click to tweet

Black women: you are behind the thought process and you always will be. — @beanieboamah click to tweet

There is no shame around tailoring something specifically to people who look like you. — @deunivory click to tweet

That is one thing I have always lived by: let me my best in what I can do. — @beanieboamah click to tweet

It’s hard to open up and be real about all of our struggles and all of the things we face, particularly related to mental health. — @HelloLaurenAsh click to tweet

If I follow my intuition, I am following the voice of God. — @beanieboamah click to tweet

Make sure you are walking alongside people who share your beliefs, who want the best for you, and who are gonna hold you accountable. — @deunivory click to tweet

You are worthy of the abundance you feel that you deserve. — @beanieboamah click to tweet

I am very much worthy of all these things. — @beanieboamah click to tweet

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