Episode 35 — Womb Wisdom: Healing From the Inside Out with Danielle Lyles Barton

In this episode, we get DEEP. Black Girl In Om Founder Lauren Ash and Art Director Deun Ivory sit down with yogi Danielle Lyles Barton. Continuing our Questions for a Yogi segment, we enter one of our most heartfelt conversations yet. With her powerful and earnest convictions, Danielle Lyles Barton is a wonderful illustration of our Women's History Month theme to honor our duality and the soft, strong woman. Allowing love to guide her path, Danielle Lyles Barton assists women to transform emotional trauma and heartbreak into the manifestation of their life’s dharma, drawing deeply from her own healing experiences and spirituality. What ensues once these three ladies gather in the studio, is a deeply moving and cathartic discussion on healing, philosophy, womanhood and the practice of yoga as a vessel to explore all of those. Listen in, buckle up and take a ride with us as Danielle Lyles Barton guides us through this incredibly powerful journey. Oh, and be prepared to GO THERE.  

To get better acquainted with Danielle Lyles Barton, as we’re sure you will want to once you listen to this episode, check out (HER)Story here, keep up with her latest retreats or join her at Reunion Chicago at an upcoming Black Girl In Om Self Care Sunday

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  • The meaning of words that make up the essence of Danielle Lyles Barton. We’ll explore who she is, what she does and her journey into yoga and wellness.
  • How shedding the ego and living for the greater purpose can be freeing from the stress of our individual expectations, plans and outcomes.
  • A extremely raw, moving moment in discussing mental health and depression, it’s lasting effects both emotionally and physically and yoga as a source of medicine and healing.
  • What happens once we take the steps to confront and forgive the “her” from our past and the need to express gratitude to our old self.
  • The concept of radical gratitude and the powerful result of pairing gratitude and visualization practices.
  • Danielle Lyles Barton’s experience with two yoga philosophies centered around non-attachment, Aparigraha (detaching from material things) and Vairagya (detaching from yourself and outcomes).
  • How allowing yourself to be used as a vessel can give way to beautiful expressions of vulnerability and exposure giving others the courage to do the same.
  • Danielle Lyles Barton’s platform Healing for Her.
  • The extremely transformational Sow the Seeds Retreat a weekend where women gather to lay the groundwork (forgiveness + shadow work), sow seeds (healing) and watch them bloom (manifestation).
  • A very special treat from Danielle Lyles Barton at the end of this episode to awaken your femininity this week. So stay tuned till the very end! 


“Ultimately, it is God who I am living for. It is not for the approval of man.” — Danielle Lyles Barton Click to Tweet

"Everything that I do comes down to purpose.” — Danielle Lyles Barton Click to Tweet

"It was radical gratitude that shifted [my life]." — Danielle Lyles Barton Click to Tweet

“Living the yoga has looked like forgiveness in action.” — Danielle Lyles Barton Click to Tweet

"Committing to the [yoga] practice and the lifestyle is committing to yourself.” — Danielle Lyles Barton Click to Tweet

"When you’re hoping for a particular outcome, act in accordance as if it’s already so.” — Danielle Lyles Barton Click to Tweet

"The ego, the expectations, the plans, all that was great, but what God had was greater.” — @deunivory Click to Tweet

“I am love, so you must be love too.” — Danielle Lyles Barton Click to Tweet