Episode 32 - Glitter & Bold: Reclaiming Our Beauty with Siraad Dirshe

Reunited, and it feels so good! In this episode, Black Girl In Om Founder Lauren Ash and Art Director Deun Ivory welcome Siraad Dirshe back to the show for a second time to discuss all things beauty. As a Beauty Editor at Essence, Siraad’s writing aims to shine a spotlight on women of color and amplify the voices of women in the beauty conversation that might otherwise go unheard. In this powerful conversation, the ladies begin to explore where black women’s place in the beauty industry has been historically, where it is heading, how black women are claiming their space in the modern beauty world and the relationships each of us have with our own beauty. Listen to each of these ladies describe their own experiences with beauty and ask yourself, “How did I come to embrace my beauty”? Tweet us @blackgirlinom or email us at hello@blackgirlinom.com with your answers we will share some of your stories with our community on the next episode! 

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  • Words that describe both Lauren and Deun’s year and a book recommendation from Deun that helped get her ducks in a row.
  • Siraad’s abundant year in 2017, her transitions from freelance writing to full time and how she manifested working as a beauty editor which allows her to focus on beauty, wellness and black women.
  • How Lauren and Deun sprang into action to become more intentional with their skincare routines after their last discussion with Siraad in “A Chat About Skincare with The Glow Expert: Siraad Dirshe” from Season 2 of the Black Girl In Om podcast.
  • Loyalty, loyalty, loyalty: Siraad’s drops some interesting business and consumer insights on how women (black women specifically) hold down the brands they love and how much our dollar is worth.
  • Representation in the beauty industry, why it matters and why we must hold brands accountable for incorporating women of color, especially black women, into their marketing and advertising efforts.
  • Siraad, Deun and Lauren’s personal accounts of their first encounters with beauty, the concept of what it means to be beautiful and how they have cultivated their relationship with beauty into adulthood.
  • Beauty tips and trends that the ladies are loving for the new year and some of their funniest beauty fails.

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