Episode 31 - Demystifying Magic and Intuition with Tatianna Tarot

In this episode, Black Girl In Om Founder Lauren Ash and Art Director Deun Ivory lift the veil on ancient spiritual practices and tarot card reading with intuitive tarot therapist and spiritual wellness practitioner Tatianna Tarot. As an expert in the space of ancient spiritual practices and mystical divine feminine energy, Tatianna explains the practice of Tarot readings. She has explored mysticism and spirituality since childhood and is now a mystic mama helping us demystify the magic and intuition. Tatianna enjoys guiding women of color in cultivating inner peace, self awareness, heightened intuition, and expanded consciousness. Listen to the ways simply exploring all of these things can draw each of us closer to our higher selves and one step closer to our true potential.


  • Lauren, Deun and Tatianna’s (and Oprah’s) zodiac signs and their corresponding traits.

  • The emotional and physical ways we are all affected by the moon's phases and the science behind why society gets a little cray after a full moon.

  • The meaning of a New Moon and important questions to ask yourself during the transition of a new moon to a full moon.

  • Tatianna’s background and early experiences with performing tarot readings in high school.

  • Lauren’s curiosity in the spiritual and energy work, desire to learn about spiritual practices in African culture and her Goddess card reading experience that helped her make a BIG decision.

  • The beautiful simplicity of rituals and what kinds of rituals we can incorporate into our daily lives.

  • The differences between Tarot card reading and palm reading.

  • How Tatianna uses her faith in the universe to access and channel the energies of other people. 

  • The importance of living with intention and bringing that intention into all that you do. 

  • Deun’s mastery of manifestation and how each of us can manifest things in our own lives through listening and remaining open to what God is trying to tell us. 

“Tarot Reading is a tool for self-empowerment.” — @TatiannaTarot Click to Tweet

"Magic is just focusing and directing will to create a specific result in your life” — @TatiannaTarot Click to Tweet

"I’m in a place where I’m very curious, very open, and very intrigued” — @HelloLaurenAsh Click to Tweet

"Pay attention to messages you receive” — @HelloLaurenAsh Click to Tweet

“Worry is a prayer for things that we don’t want” — @TatiannaTarot Click to Tweet

"Be mindful of what it is that you’re invoking through your energy and your thoughts” — @TatiannaTaro Click to Tweet

"Ritual work for me really helps create a space of sacred energy” — @TatiannaTarot Click to Tweet

“God is expressing itself through me so who am I to stop and limit that expression?” — @TatiannaTarot Click to Tweet

"Claim your space, be fearless, be bold.” — @TatiannaTarot Click to Tweet