Episode 38 — A Celebration of Life with Randi Gloss

Are y’all ready for this? From start to finish, this episode explores some very important topics as it relates to our experiences as black people in America. Join Black Girl In Om Founder Lauren Ash and Art Director Deun Ivory in a powerful conversation with Randi Gloss, a social entrepreneur, activist and founder of GLOSSRAGS, wearable activism sporting critically crafted designs that are a catalyst for social activism and discourse. In this episode, we begin to peel back the layers to some of the most trying issues that are facing communities of color in today’s social climate. Randi breaks down the evolution of the word “woke”,  the many facets of activism, how her work helps to celebrate life and the ways in which mindfulness helps her to stay balanced doing this critical work. We’re taking woke to a new level with this one.


  • The history behind Randi’s GLOSSRAGS and why her platform is so necessary for honoring the lives of those lost to police brutality.
  • Where the word “woke” started and where it is now in 2018. (Here’s one of our most shared Om pieces on Staying Woke & Well)
  • The traumas that permeate so many of our communities and ways we can collectively heal.
  • An important conversation that it may be time to bring back to the forefront of discussion. Celebrating life through gratitude and intention.
  • Rituals, ancestry and the importance (especially in black families) of documenting oral history passed down through generations.
  • Why we should not and will not solely be defined by our struggle and our oppression.
  • How popular culture and film are contributing to the resurgence in African American’s curiosity and desire to learn more about Africa.
  • Randi’s calling to do the work that she does and while it may be difficult it is SO necessary.
  • How Randi is learning to protect her space and her work through taking a step back to replenish
  • herself. (Fact: You can’t pour from an empty glass)
  • Giving yourself permission to let go of ANYTHING that does not serve you. 
  • Several HUGE things on the horizon for Randi and GLOSSRAGS this year. (Follow the journey)

"What does it mean to be awake to our own traumas and face those things that we avoid on an everyday basis?” — @randigloss click to tweet

“We tend to forget the trauma we inflict on one another” — @deunivory click to tweet

"How do you make room for celebration of life?” — @HelloLaurenAsh click to tweet

“Praising God to be alive is a way to celebrate life” — @randigloss click to tweet

“I’ve been amazed at what intention and manifesting can look like” — @randigloss click to tweet

"We are supposed to cultivate rituals as a means of connecting with our ancestors” — @HelloLaurenAsh click to tweet

“So often we can fall into this pattern of always looking at our oppression as what defines us” — @HelloLaurenAsh click to tweet

“It’s harder to do the work that is difficult to digest” — @randigloss click to tweet

"My understanding of joy is that it's non-circumstantial" — @randigloss click to tweet

“As a people, aside from our trauma, our resilience is unbelievable as well as our creativity and our ingenuity” — @randigloss click to tweet

“There is a place for everything” — @deunivory click to tweet

"Breaks aren't only okay, but they're necessary ... to be unaware of the fact that you are suffering is wild." @randigloss click to tweet

"The things that bear weight you may have to carry with you but things that are heavy, put it down” — @randigloss click to tweet

“There can be joy despite circumstances” — @HelloLaurenAsh click to tweet