Episode 37 — Let's Get Loved Up with Koya Webb

This conversation has us feeling good, y’all! Everything about it demonstrates the power leading a life of love, for self and others, can make in your relationship to the world. Listen in as Black Girl In Om Founder Lauren Ash and Art Director Deun Ivory are joined by Koya Webb, a holistic health coach, yoga instructor, and true embodiment of all things light + love! In this episode, Koya takes us on the journey she’s had with her yoga practice and the various ways it expands and improves her existence, both physically and spiritually. From the creation of Get Loved Up to the lessons she’s learned off the mat to little moments that led to life lessons, we’re positive all that was shared in this episode won’t just leave you feeling good: you’re gonna feel GREAT!

This episode is sponsored by Bright Pink, a nonprofit that saves women’s lives from breast and ovarian cancer by empowering us to live proactively at a young age. Bright Pink targets the 52 million women between the ages of 18-45, as well as the people who love and influence them. While listening, learn! Text PREVENT to 59227 to Assess Your Risk or visit www.assessyourrisk.org/bgio.


  • The lifelong relationship Koya has with helping others
  • What life shift sparked Koya’s journey into her yoga practice
  • Why Koya is so committed to helping women honor self-care
  • Lessons that come from fully immersing into yoga + how yoga can help in building a life that’s right for you
  • Koya’s path to a vegan lifestyle (here are some resources that helped her get there: Rainbow Green Live Food-Cuisine + The Mucusless Diet)
  • The immersive experience that shifted Koya and Lauren’s routines in the best possible way
  • What inspired Koya to create Get Loved Up and what it really means
  • Small shifts and changes you can follow through on to build for a better life for yourself
  • How CRUCIAL an authentic, loving relationship with self is to everything (when Koya prioritized hers, this longtime dream came true!)
  • The Get Loved Up Prayer that came to Koya and truly embody everything she believes
  • A 7 day process that you can start TODAY to Get Loved Up

"I felt that when I took that deep breath. I was in the right place." — @KoyaWebb click to tweet

"God uses anything and everything to place us where we need to be placed." — @deunivory click to tweet

"Even though we’re driven, even though we’re doing all the things, we still have to make time for self-care." — @KoyaWebb click to tweet

"Every single day, we can center and prioritize ourselves." — @HelloLaurenAsh click to tweet

"I am going to commit the rest of my life to sharing this gift with people because everyone needs to have the gift of yoga." — @KoyaWebb click to tweet

"Be still, get quiet, and go within because that’s where all your answers are." — @KoyaWebb click to tweet

"Stay open because you never know when the Universe is trying to bless you." — @KoyaWebb click to tweet

"Sharing my experience and being a vessel is what helps other women do the same." — @KoyaWebb click to tweet

"I got caught up in trying to be everything other people wanted me to be and I wasn’t being my true authentic self." — @KoyaWebb click to tweet