Episode 34 — Listening, Learning, and Loving: Journeying To Self with Yaminah Mayo

Is your wig secure? Keep it on hold because this conversation with Yaminah Mayo a.k.a. Spicy Mayo just might snatch it! In this episode, Black Girl In Om Founder Lauren Ash and Art Director Deun Ivory delve into the benefits, challenges, and power of listening to ourselves with Yaminah. It may not always be easy, especially for us as Black women, but standing firm in yourself and in your community can help you find the path that’s always been meant for you. We’re manifesting new possibilities and opportunities for ourselves every single day. Hopefully, after listening to this chat, you will too! 


  • Where in the world Yaminah got the name for her platform, “Spicy Mayo” 
  • Our shared love for all things Oprah (y’all got your tickets for A Wrinkle In Time, right?)
  • Yaminah’s choice to center her platform around who she is + what she feels in the present
  • The beauty of listening to ourselves + how that manifests in Yaminah’s life
  • Learning from negative situations + using that as fuel to shape a new reality 
  • How Yaminah’s new outlook on life is already being affirmed in her daily interactions 
  • What type of effect the wrong energy can have on your sense of self 
  • The importance of knowing yourself in a world that does not accept you simply for who you are
  • Why sisterhood + community are true lifesavers in moments of struggle 
  • Why Fannie Lou Hamer and those who came before us are constant sources of inspiration
  • A favorite spot for the good vegan eats in Los Angeles: get into these menus y’all!
  • The words + feelings Yaminah is speaking into her 2018
  • Real talk advice for what to do when you’re ready for change + creating creative content (some by way of this read from Jen Sincero

“The idea of looking at your own daily life as a source for inspiration is enough." — @HelloLaurenAsh Click to tweet

“You can’t stress out about things and pray about it.” — @SpicyMayoBlog Click to tweet

“The job was meant to show me what I’m capable of, not what I’m supposed to do.” — @SpicyMayoBlog Click to tweet

“If you’re saying stuff and you’re not being met with a combative response as a Black woman in America, you’re probably not saying the right thing.” — @SpicyMayoBlog Click to tweet

“Being let go of situations or people can be God trying to liberate you or free you from a situation you shouldn’t be in.” — @deunivory Click to tweet

“This whole thing has shown me how to not let negative thoughts or negative perceptions really affect how you think about yourself.” — @SpicyMayoBlog Click to tweet

“You’re not going to be liked by everyone, especially if you’re a Black woman in America.” — @SpicyMayoBlog Click to tweet

“You have to become comfortable in yourself and your own voice in order to do anything.” — @SpicyMayoBlog Click to tweet

“The more you are in the ‘glow up’, the more people are like ‘this person does not face issues or challenges’.” — @HelloLaurenAsh Click to tweet

“The more experiences I continue to have in various ways really make me want to figure out ways to support Black women.” — @HelloLaurenAsh Click to tweet

“Having spaces where Black women can seek refuge is super important.” — @SpicyMayoBlog Click to tweet

“We, Black women, have always created beautiful things, meaningful things from trauma and pain and suffering. We’re literally magicians out here.” — @HelloLaurenAsh Click to tweet

“I’m choosing to draw on strength this month.” — @SpicyMayoBlog Click to tweet