Episode 30 — Intentional Living with Roe of Brown Kids

In this episode, uncover the beauty of intentional living with Roe! As one half of brownkids, a platform contributing uniquely to the world of minimalism, Roe has been a guiding light for thousands finding their way to living and thriving unapologetically. Listen in as Black Girl In Om Founder Lauren Ash and Art Director Deun Ivory uncover Roe’s transition to this lifestyle, all its benefits, and ways you can do the same! Featuring book references, countless words of wisdom, and tips on how to apply this mindset to your closet, your home, your career, and your life, this is definitely an episode you don’t want to miss. We’re getting our collective lives from all the greatness Roe shared and helped us realize in this conversation. What a perfect way to start the year! 


  • The paths Deun and Lauren took to find the incredible work Roe and E are doing with brownkids 
  • How Roe found her way to intentional living (Roe also spoke with BGIO Editor Chelcee Johns in 2017!)
  • Roe’s thoughts on feeling and being enough and the way she began to define that for herself (check out Women, Food, and Desire by Alex Jamieson as a start)
  • How inviting worthiness and enoughness can be reflected in your sense of self and home spaces
  • The questions Roe uses to create a space that feels good + immediate tips on how you can do the same
  • The various lessons to be learned from books (including references to Goodbye, Things by Fumio Sasaki and The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo
  • Letting go with love and how that’s a practice in mindfulness
  • Cultivating the work you do with clarity, awareness, and intentionality
  • The major difference that comes with a shift in the way we speak to and honor ourselves
  • Actionable practices for you to start the new year living intentionally

“I was trying to live an intentional life and then I found the word minimalism.” — Roe, of brownkids Click to tweet

“I would buy things as much as I could. Then, I realized, I was inflicting emotional and financial violence on myself.” — Roe of brownkids Click to tweet

“I am a firm believer in documenting our stories: analyzing them, reflecting on them, and then, being able to share with other people in ways that are powerful.” — @HelloLaurenAsh Click to tweet

“What am I distracting myself from by choosing to just celebrate through spending?” — @HelloLaurenAsh Click to tweet

“I want to feel exquisite every time I walk out of my house.” — Roe, of brownkids Click to tweet

“Spending how you want to, in line with your values, will change your life.” — Roe, of brownkids Click to tweet

“Speaking about your home: this is the place where you rest. This is your oasis. Essentially, that should be where you pour into the most because it is your getaway.” — @deunivory Click to tweet

“A peaceful space is like the marriage between our emotional needs and functional needs.” — Roe, of brownkids Click to tweet

“What choice do you want to make in a direction that’s towards your magic and not away from it?” — Roe, of brownkids Click to tweet

“I’m thinking about the power of embracing the now in my life and everything that comes with. I can’t make room for all of these things.” — @deunivory Click to tweet

“God has been teaching me there’s excitement that comes with change… and I feel better and I am thankful for that.” — @deunivory Click to tweet

“I’m about to adopt some new minimalist approaches to my career because of this conversation.” — @HelloLaurenAsh Click to tweet

“I know that it is my soul’s calling to live and embody freedom and I’ll do whatever I can to do that.” — Roe, of brownkids Click to tweet

“I can move forward in my future without worrying because I know that God got me.” — @deunivory Click to tweet

“I believe in the unlimited resource of creativity. There is no limit to it and we all have it, whether you call yourself creative or not.” — Roe, of brownkids Click to tweet