Episode 29 — Empowerment Through Creative Writing with Britt Julious

In this episode, get to know Britt Julious, an intersectional writer with an incredible spirit and a deep love for so much of what we celebrate at Black Girl In Om. Britt’s work has been featured in several major publications, examining arts, music, and culture across cities, states, and countries around the world. She recently shared space with the ever-inspiring Solange Knowles (!!!) at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago and is currently writing a book of essays we’re already looking forward to reading. Listen in as Britt recounts her work, the journey she took to get here, the joys and struggles of Black womanhood, her love for all things music, and everything in between with Black Girl In Om Founder Lauren Ash and Art Director Deun Ivory. After this conversation, we are beyond excited for what comes next from Britt and are confident you will be too!


  • The importance of honing your voice as a Black woman and the various ways to do that
  • The role Britt’s parents played in nurturing her confidence, sense of self, and appreciation for Blackness
  • The journey to Britt’s incredible moment with Solange Knowles and how powerful A Seat at the Table was for her
  • The role music plays in self-care and how it has shown up in the lives of Britt, Deun, and Lauren
  • Lauren breaks down her newest wellness ritual inspired by her grandmother, Deun, and her love for music
  • Different Black subcultures and the people behind them that aren’t regularly reported on
  • Britt’s experiences reporting on Blackness in different countries and places, including her experiences writing about community in Finland (her article on this can be found here: Creating a Community for Brown Girls in One of the World's Whitest Countries)
  • The difference staying mindful can make while traveling
  • The benefits of journaling to figure out who you are and what you believe
  • Britt’s tips for young women of color who want to write
  • How cultivating community and authentic friendship has been, currently is, and always will be crucial for us

“I look at the stories of people who are marginalized or underrepresented, the avant-garde, the underdog, and the underground. That’s what I grew up in and that’s been my experience.” —@britticisms Click to tweet

“I’m so blessed to be surrounded in a circle of hella confident Black women on the regular.” — @HelloLaurenAsh Click to tweet

“If you want it out there, sometimes you have to do it yourself and build that confidence in yourself to get it done.” — @britticisms Click to tweet

“I've always felt like music mimics the beating of our hearts. That's why we have music in every single culture.” — @britticisms Click to tweet

“Music is everything. It pulls so many emotions out of you.” — @deunivory Click to tweet

“People don't really understand sad, Black girls.” — @britticisms Click to tweet

“I told myself I could be a writer. I gave myself permission to have that dream and to pursue it and to do it every day, even if I wasn't getting paid for it.” — @britticisms Click to tweet

“It does take a lot of courage to be transparent.” — @deunivory Click to tweet