Episode 27 — The Glow Gospel with Latham Thomas

In this episode, we’re blessed with “the glow Gospel”, a crash course in reclaiming our divine feminine energy. Black Girl in Om founder Lauren Ash and art director Deun Ivory sit down with special guest Latham Thomas in an important discussion surrounding the beauty that is womanhood. Latham is an author, doula and wellness maven whose latest book Own Your Glow serves as a roadmap to help women return home to themselves. In sharing about her book, Latham breaks down the restorative processes for connecting to and learning through our ancestral lineage in the midst of everything thrown at us that is meant to disconnect us from our femininity.  She stresses the importance for women, especially women of color, to have accessibility to safe spaces and tools such as, Own Your Glow and Black Girl in Om where we can collectively begin to peel back the layers within and realize the truth and light of who we are. Prepare yourself for hand waving, spontaneously shouting “yasss” or “preach”, and ALL the gems you need to feel empowered this week. 

For more on Latham Thomas and Own Your Glow check out her BGIO interview here and her website here.


  • The power of face to face interaction and that some things are just better conveyed with a handwritten note or a hug. 

  • Ways we as women often over exert ourselves and the need for incorporating a practice for getting off the hamster wheel and tuning inward. 

  • Activating our Glow Power System and reclaiming our identity.

  • How the self-care boom has left many women of color on the sidelines feeling like we can’t or shouldn’t participate in its practice and the importance of making self-care accessible to all women.  

  • The history of woman’s sacred anatomy. Breaking down our inner sanctum and the true meaning of the word vagina. 

  • Latham, Lauren and Deun’s opinions on the rise of society celebrating black features in other groups of women that attempt to emulate black women but degrading those same features on black women. 

  • The importance of communicating the beauty of being black to younger generations of women as they begin their journey.

  • How the biological need to have a sense of belonging can lead to assimilation in instances of being the “only”. 

  • Questions to ask yourself as you begin your journey to unlock your creative potential.

  • The difference between writing and channeling and Latham’s process for producing work that is an extension of herself.

  • Creating inspiration through meditation and movement to align your body, brain and soul.


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