Episode 9 — On Loving In Spite of Trauma with Anisah Ali

In this episode, co-hosts Lauren Ash and Zakkiyyah Najeebah chat with Anisah Ali, author of the recently released self-love focused book anonymous. Anisah powerfully shares her years-long journey of intentionally unlearning unhealthy ways of relating with loved ones, including the ways in which writing served as a form of reflection and healing, and how therapy supported her entering into a healthy union with her husband. This episode is a must-listen for women of color who experienced chaos or trauma during childhood. Listeners will enjoy hearing Anisah share two of her poems, and a guided meditation inspired by one of Anisah's poems by Lauren, as well.


  • How it is possible to learn to love others and your self outside of chaos and in spite of trauma
  • Anisah's journey self-publishing her collection of poetry, anonymous, and the challenges she faced therein
  • Anisah's favorite wellness and self-love practices of the moment

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