Episode 7 — Trust and Truth in Sisterhood

Episode 7 — Trust and Truth in Sisterhood


In this episode, co-hosts Lauren Ash and Zakkiyyah Najeebah delve into the deep value of sisterhood among women of color with their special guests and best friends Chelsea and Theo. All four ladies reflect on building the foundation to their respective friendships through a need for a safe space to express, affirm, and love themselves and each other. Listeners will also learn more about Lauren and Zakkiyyah's paths to different cities and chapters in their lives with their sisterfriends by their side.

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  • Key moments in the development of sisterhood between the two pairs of friends
  • The importance of truth telling and trust in sisterhood
  • How strong friendship among women can have mental health benefits
  • Learning lessons about conflict in friendship
  • Fun and hilarious moments from their friendships
  • Tips on finding a strong sisterhood of your own

"I think the multifaceted foundation that we have has been really key to our friendship" -@ZNajeebah #BGIO Click to Tweet
“If you’re hanging out with people you don’t want to hang out with, stop” -@Chelsea #BGIO Click to Tweet
“Be willing to tell the truth, give feedback, be the ride or die” -@hellolaurenash #BGIO Click to Tweet
“Friendships will mean even more during times of transition” – @hellolaurenash #BGIO Click to Tweet
“[Conflict] doesn’t necessarily test your friendships; it just takes it to another level and helps it grow” –Theo #BGIO Click to Tweet
“You don’t know how you might be impacting someone’s life just by saying hello” -@ZNajeebah #BGIO Click to Tweet