Episode 5 — “Womanist is to Feminist as Purple is to Lavender”: Exclusivity in Wellness

Episode 5 — “Womanist is to Feminist as Purple is to Lavender”: Exclusivity in Wellness

In this episode, co-hosts Lauren Ash and Zakkiyyah Najeebah dive into the politics, theories and specific women who shaped the culture and mission of Black Girl in Om. They chat about the importance of safe spaces that are created and cultivated for and by marginalized groups and, in particular, spaces created and cultivated for and by black women. Lauren and Zakkiyyah discuss womanism, exclusivity and standing firm in convictions that need to be held and conversations that are imperative to have when holding space rooted in womanism.

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  • How Black Girl In Om’s mission is rooted in the histories of trailblazers like Harriet Tubman, the Combahee River Collective and Alice Walker 
  • Some of the passages, essays and books that have inspired Black Girl In Om’s Founder and Art Director
  • Lauren and Zakkiyyah’s early memories of the value of “exclusivity” and why women of color benefit from having affirming spaces created, cultivated and protected for them

“We are continuing work that has been done for decades”-@hellolaurenash #BGIO Click to tweet

“There is value for creating spaces for us by us because there is value in ourselves.”-@ZNajeebah #BGIO Click to tweet

“We're left out of the [wellness] paradigm and conversation, therefore we have to create our own spaces.”-@ZNajeebah #BGIO Click to tweet

“It's really powerful when you can be vulnerable in a space with other women who have a shared experience”-@ZNajeebah #BGIO Click to tweet

“How can we come together, articulate our own statement of what we need in this world?” -@HelloLaurenAsh #BGIO Click to tweet

“How can we carve out our own space to be able to support one another in love?” @hellolaurenash #BGIO Click to tweet

“Harriet Tubman was not playing around with her freedom” -@ZNajeebah #BGIO Click to tweet

“It’s a sacred space when we get together”-@ZNajeebah Click to tweet