Episode 13 — Emotional and Spiritual Empowerment 101: A Chat with Tracy G.

Episode 13 Emotional and Spiritual Empowerment 101: A Chat with Tracy G.



In this episode, co-hosts Lauren Ash and Zakkiyyah Najeebah invite Tracy G., self-proclaimed “edutainer, emotional empowerer, and trillass individual” onto the show. They dive into the power of affirmations, Tracy’s unique origins empowering other women, and Tracy’s approach to her incredibly transparent and inspiring platform and podcast She’s Beauty and the Beast. Nod your head in agreement (and laugh!) with Tracy G., as she candidly and eloquently discusses emotional empowerment, the power of writing affirmations in battling imposter syndrome, how she stumbled (serendipitously) into sharing her once-private audio vision boards, and her suggestions for how we should approach our creative projects. After listening (and re-listening) to this powerful episode, learn more about Tracy G. by visiting ShesBeautyAndTheBeast.com.

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  • Lauren and Zakkiyyah’s latest favorite things, including their feelings after their latest BGIO quarterly meeting
  • Tracy's thoughts on the power of conscious and unconscious affirmations in our daily lives
  • Tracy’s personal practice of writing affirmations to overcome imposter syndrome and to manifest the live she envisions for herself
  • Tracy's accidental, yet serendipitous beginnings, sharing her personal affirmations with a broader community
  • Why Tracy discourages referring to our projects as our babies
  • What album Tracy is currently twerking to and what her favorite (semi-nerdy) thing of the moment is
  • Tracy’s tips on practicing vulnerability in our everyday

“There are so many shades to emotional #empowerment and I want to showcase that”—@itstracyg #BGIO Click to tweet

“I’m at the floor and need to know what the clouds feel like, so I might as well build myself up via words” @itstracyg #BGIO Click to tweet

I don’t consider myself a guru, or a life coach; if anything I’m a life cheerleader”—@itstracyg #BGIO Click to tweet

“You gotta manifest. There are different ways to manifest!”—@znajeebah
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“I’m experimenting. I’m seeing what gives me joy. When it’s not rewarding anymore, on to the next!”—@hellolaurenash #BGIO Click to tweet