Episode 12 — Creating from an Authentic Place: Live Podcast with Deun Ivory

Episode 12 — Creating from an Authentic Place: A Live Podcast with Deun Ivory


In this episode, Black Girl in Om goes live for the first time at the first annual Chicago podcast festival! Co-hosts Lauren Ash and Zakkiyyah Najeebah have an illuminating discussion inspired by BGIO's Visual Content Director and special guest Deun Ivory's blog post on comparison stifling creativity. They share their thoughts on avoiding comparison, avoiding burn out in creative entrepreneurship, and remaining authentic no matter what. Listeners will also find a guided meditation by Lauren to end one of their liveliest chats yet. 

Thanks to our episode 012 partner Sir & Madame, a husband & wife owned brand and boutique, dedicated to styling the Urban Sophisticate through its offering of clothing, accessories & apothecary goods. Sir & Madame provided styling for this live episode. Be sure to check out their website!

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  • Deun Ivory's inspiration for her blog post about comparison and creativity 
  • How to avoid comparing yourself to others
  • The pros and cons of using social media to share your art
  • Self-care tips in times of burn out
  • Deun’s favorite song to jig to
  • Advice on how women of color can get engaged with their communities

“Most artists are on a journey for a reason bigger than likes or attention on social media” -@hellolaurenash #BGIO Click to Tweet

“You shouldn’t ascribe your worth as an artist to a double tap” -@deunivory #BGIO Click to Tweet
“I don’t see the benefit of trying to be someone else” -@deunivory #BGIO Click to Tweet
“Creativity can be an act of survival” -@ZNajeebah #BGIO Click to Tweet
“Being creative is my contribution to humanity and my contribution to black people as a whole” -@ZNajeebah #BGIO Click to Tweet
“I sometimes have to stop and ask myself: what am I doing outside of Instagram to impact people’s lives?” -@deunivory #BGIO Click to Tweet
“We have to be mindful about what we are letting into our spirits and into our minds when we are creating” -@hellolaurenash #BGIO Click to Tweet
“Comparison is the enemy of authenticity because it robs you of your initial confidence as an artist” -@deunivory #BGIO Click to Tweet
“Abundance is a key mindset to approach your creativity and be on a wavelength to make things happen” -@hellolaurenash #BGIO Click to Tweet
“If you don’t see something that your community needs, create it” -@ZNajeebah #BGIO Click to Tweet