Episode 11 — Questions for a Yogi #1 with Karla Huffman

Episode 11 — Questions for a Yogi #1 with Karla Huffman


In this episode, co-hosts Lauren Ash and Zakkiyyah Nejeebah kick-off a new podcast series, Questions for a Yogi. They introduce the series by chatting with their friend and fellow yogi Karla Huffman, a Chicago-based yoga instructor and Founder of Gypsy Yoga. Lauren and Zakkiyyah pick Karla’s brain and explore her thoughts on the holistic practice of yoga, what inspired Karla’s yoga practice and desire to start teaching yoga. This is a must-listen for any woman of color contemplating yoga as a holistic lifestyle change!

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  • How Karla Huffman came to love, practice, and teach yoga
  • Karla’s core values as a yoga instructor
  • The importance of hip-opening yoga poses for black women
  • The influential people in Karla, Lauren, and Zakkiyyah's yoga practices
  • Karla’s favorite twerk song and who she would practice yoga with

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