Episode 10 — Things We Know for Sure


Inspired by their birthdays, Lauren Ash and Zakkiyyah Najeebah take this episode to reflect on their truths. They affirm the value in being intentional about acknowledging how life experiences can teach us meaningful lessons and deliver wisdom that can and should impact our life choices moving forward. From Lauren embracing that "good things take time," to Zakkiyyah acknowledging and embracing love from those around her, each co-host shares five truths that they know for sure at this point in their journeys. Listeners will also enjoy learning what Lauren and Zakkiyyah have been up to, and what is on the horizon for the BGIO podcast.


  • What is currently manifesting in Lauren and Zakkiyyah's lives
  • The ten things that Lauren and Zakkiyyah know "for sure"—the various truths that Lauren and Zakkiyyah have discerned in their respective life journeys

Take your time. Certain things involve marination and the TLC that only time can bring — @hellolaurenash #BGIO Click to tweet

You can't put a deadline on quality and a magnified vision — @znajeebah #BGIO Click to tweet

Don't take anything personally. I've learned this again and again. — @hellolaurenash #BGIO Click to tweet 

I've learned that there is a death in silencing yourself. I don't want to wish that on anybody — @znajeebah #BGIO Click to tweet