The Black Girl In Om List: Koya webb.

Interview and Introduction by Lauren Ash. Photography courtesy Koya Webb.

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The Get Loved Up Girlboss


International yoga teacher, health coach, and Get Loved Up founder Koya Webb’s self-love centered lifestyle and career remind black women everywhere that we deserve to love and heal ourselves first in order to support others in loving and healing themselves. Amassing a tremendous global community, particularly on her Instagram (@KoyaWebb), she centers on the practice of loving yourself, loving others, and loving the planet. Her continued rise is a collective one, particularly evident this year when she launched her Yoga Alliance certified Get Loved Up yoga teacher trainings and her Get Loved Up app which provides recipes, workouts, and meditations to anyone on-the-go. Koya is the light in the “the little light of mine” song many of us grew up singing. Because she shines, she gives more of us permission to do the same. Many of you have heard Koya share her light on our podcast, now get more of a glimpse behind Koya’s greatness and how she manifests. In addition to her personal Instagram, get daily support journeying through navigating your holistic lifestyle via @GetLovedUp.

What is your go-to practice for grounding yourself?

Meditation is my go-to practice for grounding because it allows me to go within to work things out. Meditation is the way I connect with my soul and get clear direction.

Can you just share an experience you've had in meditation that led to an awakening or realization?

I was contemplating about my book that's coming out and it was so heavy because I have things that I want to share and I have things that I'm afraid to share. And it is clear, you know, when something comes through your intuition doing meditation. It's clear that is a message from your spiritual self and that is what you need to do. So my logical mind was questioning this specific thing that I wanted to leave out of the book. But it kept coming back to me through meditation and I was like, I don't want to. I'm not ready for it. And I just wasn't emotionally ready to deal with talking about this particular subject.

And like you've experienced with me before, the Universe has things that it wants to speak through me and at the end of the day I just have to be a vessel. So, I went to Bulgaria and I was speaking to a group of women and I was speaking on the topic of sexual assault. At the time, I didn't really want to include all these stories from my past in the book because I was already including one which was hard enough. Even though it in real life, I have shared these stories now publicly, I really wasn't ready to put these stories in my book, all of them, just one from high school.

So in Bulgaria, I'm talking to these ladies and the subject came up and I'm sharing my experience. And so this one woman, she's crying and she comes to me afterwards and we talk. We have a very deep two hour conversation and the end of it, she says, Koya, please include those stories in your book. You really have changed my life in this couple of days that I've known you and I would have thought I had healed, had you not shared what you shared, the way you shared it! And I was like, oh again! I'd already received the message during meditation. But I was running from it because I didn't want to deal with it. And, I continued to run.

Meditation continues to bring it back every single time that I close my eyes and I ask the question that has anything to do about the book. It comes up. And so, I’m like, okay well Koya, you need to prepare yourself for what you need to talk about and how you need share. Otherwise, it's going to keep coming up and you're going to keep being afraid. Or, you can live in love and realize that this is just part of your story and in sharing that story you’re going to help a lot of people heal, which is what I know is true. But, doesn't take away the pain and it doesn't take away the hurt of a specific situation. But through meditation, after I said, okay, I will do it. Okay, I included in the book, it's done. Now, I've been meditating on the process and every time I sit down and choose to meditate on the process different things are revealed to me and how to go about this sharing.

So, I feel like meditation is a beautiful way to speak to our spiritual selves, which is who we really are, outside of the noise that's going on in the world of who was “supposed” to be or who we are trying to be. You could sit down and have a conversation with your soul and your soul will tell you exactly what you need to know. But it does take practice. It takes practice to be able to hear, it takes practice to be able to elicit. And then it takes practice to be able to follow through with what your soul is revealing to you.

What is one area of your life where you are calling in an energy of expansion?

I’m calling in an energy of expansion in my love life. I’m ready for long term partnership, marriage, and kids. I’m ready to start a family.

What do you wish someone told you about being on the rise?

I wish someone told me that once you start to elevate your business you can’t stop so be ready for the roller coaster but don’t get off the ride unless you want someone else to take your seat.

I want you to just go in deeper about that. Obviously your career has just been in a state of constant elevation and expansion. So can you talk a little bit about that and how you manage the rise and the glow up because as we've talked about, it's not always, glittery, rainbows and sunshine. it's really hard. so how do you manage that and how do you just like lean into all that it brings into your life?

I think that one of the most important things about managing is the self-care. You’re going to get exhausted. You’re going to lose sleep. Care of yourself because the thing is it's not going to stop. It's not going to stop. It's not necessarily going to get easier. You will learn how to manage it better. But as you glow up, the thing is you continue to expand. So, you have to learn things like management, things like delegation, and you have to most importantly learn self-care and self-preservation And people look at people like, oh, it seems like, you know, they're just like living the good life, but do you you see behind the scenes? How many people are helping them in their operation? Because it really what I realized even in talking to other people is that the only way someone is really chilling is when three or four people that are just like them are running their business for them.

And, especially when you're a small business owner or entrepreneur, we don't necessarily have that luxury. And even though, you know, we have team and I've built my team over time. I still do a large part of the work and I still have to oversee, you know, pretty much every part of part of my business.

So I would say, along this rollercoaster ride remember to take care of yourself, like getting enough sleep, eating healthy. I'm learning when it's time to delegate a task that could be more appropriately taken over by someone else other than yourself. That's probably the biggest one. Especially for us women “I can do it all entrepreneurs” because we, we don't want to give up that control and we have this baby that we usually nurture for a long time and to let someone else be responsible for different parts of it. It's really hard.

How do you polish your inner voice to ensure that the dialogue is of abundance?

Anytime I catch myself in anything but a positive state of mind I check myself. I switch my language right away to love and abundance. Even when others speak doubt or limitations over my life I quickly correct them so they can help me manifest greatness.

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If you had to describe your journey from root to rise in three words what would they be?

Live. Love. Elevate.

What are 3 practical steps we can take now in order to manifest projects and experiences we are excited about in 2019?

Write down everything you want to accomplish in 2019.

Write the steps you need to do each month to accomplish those goals.

Visualize yourself manifesting your goals daily.

My visualization is so powerful. Just recently I was thinking that after my retreat and yoga training in Thailand, I really want to go on a vacation somewhere all by myself and just really let go and check out. This company reached out to me [awhile back] and shared, oh yeah, we want you to come. Everything is taken care of. I recently was asking my assistants, do you remember that place? And we couldn't figure it out. So, I just visualized myself relaxing and this place and I kid you not the next day they emailed me and said, hey, Koya, just checking in and reaching out and just want you to come! We’d love to have you!

I screenshot it and texted my assistant: manifestation. We just laughed because it's like so real. And so the power of visualization is really the power of energy and the universe. The more that you think about a specific thing, the more you put that energy into action in your life. It doesn't matter if it's a person or an idea and that's why, you know, sometimes when we want to keep things to ourselves, I tell people share it. You know, within reason, share the things that you're trying to do. Share your goals and your dreams because you have other people then thinking about what it is you're trying to manifest. click to tweet I will tell people, I want you to manifest with me. Let's all think about me being in this space doing this thing, and it really does help. So, the power of manifestation is real.

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