Black Girl In Om—Abena Boamah: Maker, Educator, and Founder of Hanahana Beauty

Black Girl In Om—Abena Boamah: Maker, Educator, and Founder of Hanahana Beauty

Abena Boamah: Look at yourself. Walk around your house naked, watch yourself dance, learn about your body and how you move. I think when you start to really look at your body and really take time to see how your body works it can cultivate inner beauty and definitely wellness. Also take time to do the simple stuff to take care of your skin. Long showers, baths, and moisturize.

Black Girl In Om—Desiree Verdejo: Beauty Entrepreneur



Interview by Lauren Ash

I'm so thrilled to venture out to NYC this weekend and kick of my yoga and self-care for women of color tour! In addition, BGIO Art Director Deun Ivory and I are thrilled to be able to partner with Desiree Verdejo, founder of Vivrant Beauty, on Friday, February 3rd at 6 p.m. for BGIO Happy Hour! We invite our BGIO NYC community to come out and mingle with us for good vibes in a beautiful space curated with women of color in mind! Learn more about the BGIO Beauty behind this lovely place and be sure to say hello to Desiree online

Who are you?

Hey, I'm Desiree, founder of Vivrant Beauty, a beauty boutique online and in NYC that caters to women of color. We curate natural haircare, clean skincare and premium makeup products to brown women and are proud of the fact that half of our product lines and growing are black-owned.

What does Black Girl In Om mean to you?

Black Girl In Om is a celebration of wellness, self-love and sisterhood.

How do you identify with Black Girl In Om's mission?

I am a Black Girl In Oma woman who appreciates the balance that inclusiveness, peace and self-care brings to my life but also how much more magical they can be when practiced with other black women. These principals are also weaved into the fabric of Vivrant Beauty, our beauty boutique that exists in the premium beauty world and the green beauty spacearenas that are not always mindful of the unique needs of Black women. 

What are your self-care and self-love practices?

I'm currently eight months pregnant and have never been more committed to my wellness practices than I am right now. Eating healthy colorful foods, stretching these hard-working limbs in prenatal yoga and committing to an indulgent beauty routine for my face and body (especially my growing belly) are all necessities.



Oh, congratulations! So happy for you and your family! What's one ritual you recommend more women of color adopt to cultivate inner beauty and wellness?

Society loves to portray images of black women arguing and attacking one another. For me its so empowering to find myself in a circle of likeminded black women whether its a church group, yoga circle or a bunch of fellow entrepreneurs or creatives. There is so much support and mental strength in finding a supportive sister circle and I encourage any woman of color without one to commit to seeking out such a network.

Absolutely, Desiree! So, what's one wellness product you can't live without?

I can't live without soy candles or natural face oils. I'm currently obsessed with a moisturizing facial oil by Yuli named Liquid Courage which leaves your skin so soft and glowy.

I'm going to have to try that out! How may we stay in touch with you?

My key links are and Instagram @vivrantbeautyny!