Black Girl In Om — Jessica Jade: Holistic Health Coach, a Wellness Speaker, and Artisan of the organic skincare.


It's imperative that we live our lives steeped in self care and healing. Our feminine energy needs nourishing. We are each a garden; needing sowing, pruning, hydration, and care that helps us blossom. Our BGIO Beauty for this month is here to empower us on the path to greater health and wellness. She brings the soul food we need for our inner gardens.

Jessica Jade empowers women of color to practice self-care that aligns with their feminine health. She is a Holistic Health Coach, Wellness Speaker, Writer of, and Artisan of the organic skincare line, SunKiss Organics. As a holistic health coach, Jessica encourages women to create time for self-care to joyously heal their health. She provides them with the tools and support needed to eat real food, live active lives, and experience healthy relationships. Jessica's wellness workshops and website also inspire women to focus on self-care through natural beauty recipes, plant-based meals, and tips for living in alignment. Lastly, by following in the footsteps of generations of women in her family, she crafts an organic skincare line that is nourishing and healing for all. As a holistic health coach, wellness advocate, and skincare artisan, Jessica Jade's soul-purpose is to empower women to heal their lives with joy.

Photo Credit: Sasha Mercado

Photo Credit: Sasha Mercado

Brettina: Welcome Beauty, So who are you? What’s your sun sign, moon sign, and rising?

Jessica: My SOUL-purpose is to empower women of color to practice self-care that aligns with their feminine health. I encourage women to embrace practices that uplift, nourish, and revitalize them in a world that suppresses their divine feminine. In the process, I seek the same freedom and vulnerability I hope to inspire in others. Every day I cultivate my meditation, skin-care, and wellness practices. As a Cancer (sun sign), Aries (moon sign) and Leo (rising sign), I’m deeply in tune with the needs of women and voice them passionately.

Brettina: GIRL! I feel that cancer energy shining through. Yes! We are manifesting some beautiful things over here at BGIO, all thanks to identifying our personal and collective intentions. What are your 2019 intentions for yourself and your brand?

Jessica: In one word- ABUNDANCE! My focus and driving force for 2019 is liberating myself and my community from financial constraints that have held us back for generations. Manifesting financial freedom and abundance is a three step process for me. 1. Confronting my pride and asking for help from my community. 2. Releasing my lack of money mindset by actively investing in my education, my community, and my business. 3. Trusting the Universe by launching an Indie Go Go campaign for my organic skincare line- SunKiss Organics. We raised $2K to revamp our labels, and they’re gorgeous! Our new labels will allow me to compete with larger beauty brands and sell at major retailers like Whole Foods! To learn more about my nourishing organic skincare line, visit

Brettina: Okay, my skin can feel that nourishment already. Deliver me! You are a #BGIOBeauty, which means you embody BGIO. Let our readers know: how do you embody the Om?

Jessica: BGIO is all about ONENESS. I can vividly remember the first time I attended one of Lauren's yoga classes in Harlem and that feeling of being seen, included, and represented. Similarly, I embody Om by building community and sisterhood into everything that I do. Whether I'm hosting a Teen SelfCare retreat for girls of color, discussing entrepreneurship as a Black woman at EY, or coaching women of color in my practice; community is what my life's work is all about.

Photo Credit: Tap Bio and TheFlashTruck

Photo Credit: Tap Bio and TheFlashTruck

Brettina: Part of our Mission is “We learn and share wellness practices with one another, and through this work cultivate richer understandings of what it means to be healthy and beautiful from the inside out” Do you have any wellness practices to share with our readers?

Jessica: My favorite wellness practice begins the moment I open my eyes in the morning. I keep a glass of lemon water by my bed every night so that the first thing that I do is hydrate. As a health coach and skin-care artisan, I understand the importance of water and hydration and play no games with my water! I then shift to a comfortable seated position and begin my meditation practice. I’ve been practicing transcendental meditation for five years, and the 10-20 minutes I dedicate to my breathing rather than rushing toward my to do list always puts my mind at ease and life into perspective. Last but not least, I’ve also begun consistently exercising in the morning, and my life has truly changed. Whether it’s weight lifting, stretching/yoga, or doing cardio, I find that I am more alert, more in tune with my body, and way more motivated!

Brettina: We are always trying to cultivate peaceful spaces and conversations, individually as well as collectively.  Where do you go to find peace?

Jessica: My love language is quality time and touch, so it’s no surprise that the place I find peace is in the arms of my partner or sister-friends. There’s something about being in the presence of loved ones that eases my mind, calms my anxieties, and fills my heart with joy. My love language also translates into finding peace in solitude and spending quality time with myself. Sometimes that looks like filling up a hot tub and scrubbing my SunKiss Mocha Latte Scrub all of my body. At times it means curling up in bed with a great book like Own Your Glow by Latham Thomas. Other times it means intentionally preparing a plant-based meal with hot Matcha Latte on the side. It all depends on my mood that day!

Brettina: What is one piece of advice you want to give our lovely readers?

A quote from Jessica Jade

A quote from Jessica Jade

Jessica: Listen to your body! Doing so has taken me down so many spectacular roads. The moment that changed my life was when I realized that my eczema was at an all-time worst and that I was taking various days off from work because of my stomach issues. That awareness of body and self gave me the courage to advocate for myself at my doctor's office, revealing that undiagnosed Celiac Disease caused my eczema. If I hadn't been keenly in tune with my symptoms, I never would've discovered my celiac disease, which is what ultimately propelled me down the road of wellness, organic skincare, and health coaching. Remember that despite what doctors, the media, politics, and the government might say, YOU know your body best, and you know what's best for your body. Show it love and compassion, and do everything in your power to be your healthiest self.

Wow. Strong words from a strong woman. Thank you for your time Miss Jessica Jade.