Black Girl In Om — Taja Lindley: Memory Worker, Healer, and Activist.

We breathe in and through creation, making this world our own by adding our unique way of viewing it. Today more than ever, we see that black artists, writers, yogis, healers, etc. are being called to manifest a legacy steeped in bringing together communities, protecting individual and collective wholeness, and finding our authentic selves. April embodied Creating Culture. As we live, breath, and flourish, it is important to acknowledge what type of legacy we want to leave behind for the next generation.

Taja Lindley is a memory worker, healer and activist based in New York City. She embodies creating a culture in her work through installation, ritual, and text. She is a performing artist whose installations about healing, freedom, and pleasure have been featured at The Brooklyn Museum, La Mama Theater, New York Live Arts, The American Repertory Theater at Harvard University, The Philbrook Museum in Tulsa, Oklahoma, The Carver Museum in Austin, Texas, The Hammer Museum in Los Angeles, California, and more. She is also the founder of Colored Girls Hustle and a member of Echoing Ida and Harriet’s Apothecary.

Who are you and what is your sign?

My name is Taja Lindley and I’m a Cancer sun, Gemini rising, and Pisces moon.

I am a courageous, truth-telling creatress, an unapologetically Black queer femme feminist woman, the daughter of a single mother, and the eldest of three sisters — I am committed to the wellness, creativity, and bodily autonomy of women and girls of color.

Photographer: JD Urban

Photographer: JD Urban

I’m an interdisciplinary artist, activist, healer, and memory worker. I work as the the managing member of Colored Girls Hustle in Brooklyn, NY as well as a Public Artist in Residence with the NYC Health Department, working to address the ways in which racial and gender oppression impact birth outcomes.

What is your intention for the year?

At the top of the year, I wrote the following as my intentions and commitments for 2019:

mastery and manifestation

Photographer: Jim Tripp

Photographer: Jim Tripp

Rigorous mastery of self and the manifestation of my deepest dreams and greatest desires.

scale and sustainability

Prosperous and sustainable entrepreneurship that allows me to go further than I have ever gone before.

my authentic and enthusiastic YES

I’m no longer settling for mediocre relationships, sex, or work opportunities. If I ain’t excited about it, issa no for me.

deliberate creation and deliberate alignment

I am clear that it takes both inspired action and energetic alignment to produce extraordinary, unreasonable results. I make moves and meditate with clear intentions and passionate purpose.

You are a #BGIOBeauty, which means you embody BGIO. Let our readers know: how do you embody the Om?

I treat my life like it’s sacred. I infuse mindfulness, intentionality, and prayers into every aspect of my life: from my creative practices and projects, to my mundane daily activities. I say affirmations when I shower and moisturize my body. I honor the moon cycle. I journal. I read those journals to remember myself. I create rituals for my healing. I prioritize my wellness because I know that I deserve to both survive and thrive, and both will be necessary if I am to fulfill my purpose and path in this lifetime.

What is one piece of advice you want to give

BGIO Beauty April_ Taja Lindley .jpg

Live life on your own terms. Do not look for other’s people’s approval or permission before you start that project or quit that job or stay/leave that relationship. Carve your own path and allow your intuition, your inner knowing to guide you. She knows best.

Who is your muse?

Black women! I love us. Especially my mom and my two aunts. They have inspired my sense of style and my bold, audacious behavior.

Where can our readers get to know you?

My websites for Taja Lindley and Colored Girls Hustle. I’m also on Instagram @tajalindley and @cgirlshustle.

Thank you Taja for sharing your magic with us! You completely embody creating culture.