Black Girl In Om Creates Space For
Women Of Color To Breathe Easy


Black Girl In Om promotes holistic wellness and inner beauty for women of color. We encourage self-care, self-love, and self-empowerment for communities of color.

We affirm the consistent, preventative actions that cultivate a clear mind, a strong body, prosperous spirit, and inspiration in our environments.

We learn and share wellness practices with one another, and through this work cultivate richer understandings of what it means to be healthy and beautiful from the inside out.


art Director

Lauren Ash,
founder & EXECUTIVE Director


Lauren Ash is a wellness visionary, yoga and meditation teacher, creative writer, and founder of the culture-shifting lifestyle brand synonymous with black women’s wellness—Black Girl In Om. Through BGIO, Lauren creates and cultivates meaningful experiences and content for a hugely marginalized community. From the BGIO podcast—which has reached more than half a million listeners—to holistic self-care retreats, Lauren considers her work an act of compassion, belonging, and ultimately a space she once needed and didn’t see. Lauren was recently named at the top of ESSENCE’s list of “33 Self-Care Sistahs That Helped Redefine Wellness in 2017” and declared “one of the most important voices in the wellness industry” by Shape. 

Born and raised in the Twin Cities, Minnesota, Lauren grew up in predominantly white settings and didn’t see herself reflected in most of her surroundings. After a series of racially-motivated hate crimes ensued on her college community, she began to take leadership roles and creating and cultivating safe spaces for people of color. After college, the stresses of graduate school nudged her to take up yoga. She fell in love with it and when she moved to Chicago in 2013 she took up yoga teacher training where the seeds for Black Girl In Om were planted within her. 

Lauren is a two-time 200-hour yoga certified teacher, with yoga trainings from Corepower Yoga as well as from Get Loved Up with internationally renowned yoga teacher Koya Webb. She has toured the nation sharing her self-care and yoga for women of color workshops reaching thousands of women since 2014 with her good vibes and inclusivity. 


Valerie Titus-Glover,                                     

Social media Strategist

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Valerie Titus-Glover is a Jersey-raised, Brooklyn-based digital enthusiast with a love for all things wellness. What began as a fascination with blogs on holistic living and YouTube videos has since morphed into a desire to put wellness at the forefront of her everyday life. Her exploration of yoga led her to the affirming community of Black women that is Black Girl In Om and it’s been an incredible journey of growth since. Supporting BGIO is an ideal combination of Valerie’s long-standing interest in media and lifelong goal to always uplift, elevate, celebrate, and center every facet of Black womanhood. When she isn’t mulling over creative copy or unrolling her yoga mat, she can be found blasting her latest music obsession, getting lost in a riveting book, or trying to cook (and, quite honestly, consume) an ideal meal.



Dronile Hiraldo is a New York city born and bred writer with a love for donuts, Michael Jackson and the stories women of color tell. She credits her alma mater, Vassar, for empowering her to explore her identity and take deeper interest in the experiences of women of color and their representation in pop culture. As a senior in college, she accidently fell in love with running, cooking, and horseback riding. Dronile founded the little dominican, her digital culture and lifestyle diario, to share her challenges as a woman of color learning to love her body, eat healthy and become a full-time creative: writer, filmmaker, photographer. As Social Media Intern for Black Girl In Om she hopes to help other women of color discover themselves, re-connect with their passions and love themselves fiercely. Her self-care go-tos include bullet journaling, meditation and hip hop dance classes at Alvin Ailey.

Jasmine roseboro

Social media Strategist


Originally from North Carolina, Jasmine Roseboro is now a Brooklyn-based finance wizard with a penchant for creatively bringing data to life. It was while spending her first years in NYC crunching numbers for a top advertising firm, that Jasmine realized her passion for using her analytical background to craft strategy dedicated to connecting people. Immersed in the world of advertising, Jasmine quickly noticed the absence in representation of, and engagement with people of color. She then made it a goal for her next career experience to be in a space where she's working with, and for the people most often overlooked by marketing agencies. An ardent and longtime follower of BGIO, Jasmine jumped at the opportunity to use her digital and analytical experience to develop a strategy enabling BGIO to both navigate and be at the forefront of the wellness industry. As a woman of color, Jasmine regards intentional self-care as a priority for leading an abundant life, and BGIO’s mission to cultivate clear minds, strong bodies, and prosperous spirits is critical in supporting and uplifting our community. As a Social Media Strategist, Jasmine hopes to further develop her skills to unite communities of color, and ensure that women of color everywhere are aware of the greatness that is the Black Girl In Om community, and the power that is holistic wellness. She makes sure to keep up with her own self-care through meditation, traveling, riding her bike and indulging in multiple creative outlets, such as dj'ing and photography.

Deun Ivory is a Chicago-based creative entrepreneur most-recognized for her minimalist aesthetic as a photographer + illustrator.  As the Art Director for Black Girl in Om + Co-founder of Lifestyle with Ivory + Ash, she cultivates communities and experiences that promote self-care, women empowerment + affirmation for women of color. She is also a visual consultant for small businesses in need of creative direction and branding. Her eye for compelling imagery, authentic story-telling + elegant use of minimalism has garnered the attention of Essence Magazine, Instagram, Vsco + other major brands who've declared her an influencer + an artist to watch. 




Chelcee Johns is a digital nomad, Detroit native, editor/content strategist and word & world-loving soul. She is based between Harlem and Detroit, and recently called Bali home for a year. Her passion for the power of the written word & highlighting often policed narratives has led her to work in publishing for the past 7 years with organizations such as Moguldom Media Group, Serendipity Literary Agency, the New York Times and writing for the likes of Ebony. In a rupturing political climate and blooming social change, BGIO is the place Chelcee is able to create a community of safe space in our collective stories as Editor. She is empowered by the (inner)work! With that said, her self-care go to is journaling, prayer and meditation. And something a tad interesting... she's often a performance poet by night & tech nerd.


executive assistant                       

Akudo Mez is a Chicago-based human working in tech by day and helping to create spaces for women of color to breathe easy by life. While studying Economics at DePaul University she developed a passion for holistic health, mindful living, and yoga. As the universe would have it she attended the first BGIO series in November 2014 and immediately wanted to get involved. As Executive Assistant for Black Girl In Om she wants to continue making wellness accessible for Black women and women of color. Her self-care practices include reading poetry, learning life lessons from Naruto, and getting deeper into her asanas. 

Ashley Bozeman

Graphic Design Intern


Originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Ashley Bozeman is a multifaceted creative who combines her talents to create impactful and well crafted work. She is an art director and designer by trade yet she still continues to have a strong passion for fine art and illustration.

Relatively new to the creative industry, Ashley is a fresh graduate from a two year art direction and design program at a portfolio school in Atlanta, Georgia called The Creative Circus. Before that she received her bachelor’s degree in Public Relations from The Scripps Howard School of Journalism along with a minor in Leadership Studies from the William R. Harvey Leadership Institute at the illustrious Hampton University. Ashley has had experience working with brands such as Cinnabon, Auntie Anne’s, Moe’s Southwest Grill, McAlister’s and Schlotzsky’s Austin Eatery.

 In her free time she loves to make art, watch lifetime movies, listen to music and spend time with family and friends. She is currently thrilled to be working with the empowering ladies behind Black Girl In Om as their graphic design intern while she begins to take her first steps in the creative world.

Alexandra Ofori-atta

Social Media Coordinator


Alexandra Ofori-Atta is a Ghanaian-American, Minnesota native living in Chicago, IL. 
She is a photographer and aspiring creative director exploring the intersections of tech, design, fashion, advertising, entrepreneurship, and the African Diaspora. 
In her free time you can find her getting her money’s worth on HBO and Netflix, freelancing, and exploring a variety of other creative outlets. As the Social Media Coordinator for Black Girl in Om, Alexandra is excited to help other women of color foster wellness in themselves and their communities.


Sponsorships, Partnerships, & Brand Collaborations

Black Girl In Om is a mindful lifestyle brand, a global community, and a tangible platform for an increasingly marginalized audience around the world. We’re looking for sponsors, partners, and brands that get why this is important, and that seek to authentically engage with our community via our wellness events, podcast, online publication, advertisements, social media platforms, and more.



We’re looking for wellness influencers and creators interested in sharing original content that resonates with our mission. Please briefly share why you’re interested in contributing to Black Girl In Om, and provide a link to, or samples of, your work.


Event Bookings

Black Girl In Om travels. If you’re interested in booking us for a wellness workshop to serve your community, organization, educational institution, or another group, please share the date that you’re interested in booking us for. Please note that all events outside of Chicago must cover lodging and transportations costs in addition to our rate.

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